Sunday, 1 December 2013

EPIC Thought Provoking Video

This is a thought provoking video about water that Bradley and I found on Youtube. It is very thought provoking because you have to think about how there is only a limited amount of water in the world.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Battle of the Bands

Today our school band performed in  'The Music Warehouse 2013 Intermediate Schools Battle of the Bands'. Our school band was called Sacred Heart Prestige 2.0. The members of our band
were: James (Piano); Patrick (Drums); Jack (Base); Max (Vocalist); Matthew (Guitar); Wyatt (Vocalist); Justine (Keyboard); Caitlin  (Guitar); Carlita (Vocalist) and Cassidy (Vocalist). Our techies were Dylan and Tuakana. The songs we were playing were 'I Choose You' ( by Stan Walker) and 'Getting Stronger' (by Adeaze and Aaradhna). I practiced lots but I still stuffed up my solo at the start (I didn't even have stage fright). I was very ashamed of myself but you couldn't really notice my mistake because my inner beast kicked in and I kept on playing. I think our band did quite  well though. The judges didn't say where our band placed but I can't imagine that we would have gotten in the top 5.       

2013 School Production

In week 7 of Term 4 we will be having our school production. The production is called
'Cinderella and Rockerfella'. In the production my role is acting as a talking dog named Teaser. I like my role because it is quite large but I don't have to sing any solos. I don't think I have to sing at all actually. The bits that I dislike in my role as Teaser are that I have to do an awkward howl and Cinderella has to part my head when I do tricks. I think the production is pretty weird but I suppose it's alright.

 (My awkward howl) 

My Holiday

In the first week of the holidays I played in the 'Southern North Island Primary Schools Rugby Tournament'. I was representing the Hutt Valley. My friend Dom Bell was also in the team. We won the tournament and Dom and I got into the tournament team which is a team of all the best players in the tournament.

After the tournament I went up to Mt Ruapehu to go skiing. I skied with Dom on Turoa. I skied lots of tracks including Snowbird, Little Bowl, Vertigo and Big Bowl. There wasn't much snow so I skied at the top of the mountain the whole time. I skied for two days then went back home.

When I got back from skiing I invited my friend Bradley Pritchard to my house for a sleepover. We played a Lord of the Rings game on my XBOX 360. We made it quite far in the game but we couldn't defeat Tharzog - the orc chieftain of the west. We also went to EVENT Cinemas to see 'Percy Jackson, Sea of Monsters'. A few days later I went to Bradley's house for a sleepover. We went to
H2O Xtreme and watched a few movies. We also played some one on one basketball at Wilford School as well as playing it on NBA 2K 13 on Brad's iPod. Overall my holiday was pretty BEAST!!!  

Sunday, 1 September 2013

100 Word Challenge

Here is a story I wrote for the 100 Word Challenge. We had to use the words "Suddenly I heard a crack". Enjoy!

I was walking through the woods with my friend Johnny, holding a rifle. We were on our monthly hunting trip, looking for big game. As night descended we decided to walk back to the hut. On our way back we heard a weird noise coming from behind some trees. Johnny went to investigate. Johnny disappeared behind the trees and I suddenly heard a crack followed by a scream. I rushed to the trees and found Johnny dead with a cracked skull lying on the ground. Towering over him was an EPIC beast. It lunged at me and everything went black.